Nothing is quite as annoying as heading out the door on a fabulous sunny day in your favourite pair of jeans, a cool white t-shirt, stylish sunglasses and no place to put them when you get to where you’re going.

To say nothing of the fact you spent all morning at the gym so you could wear a t-shirt that displays your ripped abs and your jeans don’t have enough extra room to fit your thumb, let alone your sunglasses, so what do you do?

And for extra effect, let’s say you only bought them recently from the latest boutique and they cost you almost as much as a new Porsche transmission.

The answer is the latest European trend in mens sunglasses — flexible frames that fold flat. And flat means really flat, as in credit card flat.

Not only that, most flexible men’s sunglasses are made from pliable, high-tech material that allows you to twist them into almost any shape you want and they won’t break. Not ever.

The trick is in the side arms, which are designed to rotate in any direction and then collapse so they lie perfectly flat. An added bonus is that these glasses weigh as little as 11 grams and fit into a polycarbonate case that is a tiny 10mm thin.

And best of all, they come at a price that makes them really affordable, so you can have a variety of different pairs in the glove box to suit the occasion.

Because let’s face it — how many times have you paid hundreds of dollars for a pair of cool Ray Ban’s or Mako’s only to lose them the first time you wore them because you left your cool news specs on the table or at the bar? And all because the glasses and case were so cumbersome you had nowhere to put them.

So let’s look at some of the additional benefits you get in the latest Italian designed flat mens sunglasses:

* These unique and stylish sunglasses come in a range of colours and shapes to suit every face.

* The optical frames can be fitted with prescription lenses, so not only do you have a super cool pair of sunglasses, you can see out of them as well!

* Most manufacturers of the flexible men’s sunglasses add ultra UV protection to ensure your eyes don’t get damaged by the sun’s harsh UV rays.

* The sunglasses come in rimless styles as well, if that is what suits you.

* They are virtually indestructible, so if you’re the kind of guy who likes to throw his sunnies around, you’ll have a hard time if you want to see them crack or break.

* And let’s just add it again as a reminder — men’s sunglasses can be folded flat so you can easily squeeze them into the back pocket of your jeans, or your shirt pocket if you prefer.

So, if you want to look super cool this summer, get yourself into the hottest new trend from Europe with a pair of flexible mens sunglasses. After all, what have you got to lose?