In the “anything but a dinosaur” fashion category are Fossil Sunglasses. Nothing says trendy fashion like Fossil! Budget but not cheap, Fossil sunglasses range from $25 to $74. Nearly anyone can save up for this most important summer fashion accessory when Fossil sunglasses are available.

Fossil sunglasses are marketed in both men and women’s fashion styles and sold with people names. Trevor, Ben and Elwyn reflect the personality of these fashion shades. Other styles like “Assertive” imply that these shades can walk into the boardroom as easily as onto the beach.

The approach with Fossil is to wardrobe and accessorize whereas other companies concentrate on just sunglasses or athletic wear. Fossil coordinates from footwear to handbags so that every aspect of apparel is easily matched. Fossil sunglasses styles perfectly work with the over all trendy appearance of both casual and business attire.

The overall appearance of a Fossil shopper will always be more put together looking since the sunglasses, watches and handbags are designed to match. Simply take a look at the web site

to get a good look at how Fossil styles work together. Leave nothing to the chance of error by making an entire wardrobe coordinated in one company’s styles.

Fossil sunglasses coordinated with an entire Fossil outfit is budget conscious yet quality dressing. Many of the women’s styles of Fossil sunglasses are large. Not only is the larger sunglass better protection for the eyes it also provides needed protection for surrounding tissue. Most people forget that the area around the eye is a source of pain and tenderness when exposed to excessive environmental factors. Not so with the larger lens and frames styles from Fossil sunglasses.

Keep in mind that light entering the sides of sunglasses contains harmful UV rays that can harm the eyes in the same way that direct light does. Wider sunglass frames will block this light and produce hours more comfort for those exposed to extensively bright light. Wrap around styles that fit close to the face will be of still more benefit in excessive light exposure.

At the risk of looking like the Terminator, eyes need to be kept safe when very bright exposure lasts for extended periods of time. The jury is pretty much in on this one–eye care takes precedence over fashion concerns in high energy light or in the presence of reflective surfaces. Pity the overly fashion conscious who wear inadequate sunglasses to watch a water ballet or other summer event. There’s almost no end to the suffering!

Men might try wrap styles like Hadden ($38) to ease the endurance of summer’s punishing rays. Lorilee ($38) is a women’s style providing a dark lens and wide frame arms to provide similar comfort. For lower light situations the paler lens and frames of Jill ($38) will compliment colorful summer outfits. Men may find that Bennett ($38) will lend style while blocking less light when either a business suit or beach attire are worn.