Just because you have to wear eyeglasses does not mean you cannot look stylish while you do so. One of the best designer lines for glasses is the Kazuo Kawasaki eyewear line for women. They have such a sleek and streamlined design to them. Not only will you be able to see better, you also will look smarter doing so. All of the eyewear in the line are made with the best material in the business, beta titanium.

Although the material is extremely lightweight, it is one of the strongest materials and works perfectly for a sleek eyewear design. The best part about it is that they even custom create your eyewear for you. This leaves you with the best design for your face and for your eyes that you possibly can get. This custom work is done at their design lab, Lab Italee, which is known for its state of the art designs. The craftsmanship that goes along with this custom order is top notch and you will be hard pressed to find equal craftsmanship in the business. What people love the most about the eyewear line is that they are able to look amazing while improving their eyesight.

One of their most common designs is the 732 model, which offers a sleek rectangular design to your glasses. The bottoms are frameless and have frames just at the top, which you can color coordinate to match your favorite color. For a completely frameless design, check out the 633 model, which are available in all three of the Kazuo Kawasaki lens shapes. This is what makes the line so great because you can have any lens shape put into your favorite frame. The custom ordering is what make people fall in love with the eyewear. Perhaps the most notable celebrity who has been seen around town wearing Kazuo Kawasaki eyewear is former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Kazuo Kawasaki even named a design after her. Now anyone can look as fashionable as Sarah Palin. Another celebrity lover of the look is Whoopi Goldberg, who makes wearing glasses more fashionable.