Sunglasses never go out of style. While fashions change and trends are constantly in flux, sunglasses have been around for decades and are not going to go anywhere anytime soon. This season’s styles for both men and women are a combination of statement accessories, fresh, new looks, and some examples of past fashions influencing current ones – a trend that is showing up everywhere from jewelry to clothing lines to, you guessed it, sunglasses.

Women’s 2011 Sunglasses Styles

Bling is one of the hottest trends in sunglasses this year. From a few dazzling rhinestones here and there to completely blinged out shades with gems studding the entire frame, this glamorous look is emerging everywhere from sleek and sexy sunglasses to more playful, girly frames.

Oversized shades and bright colors are also hot right now. Reminiscent of Jackie O, larger-framed sunglasses come in a wide array of colors. They are great for adding to your fashionable beach attire or simply to conceal tired eyes on a day without makeup while also protecting them from the sun. Cat’s eye sunglasses are a huge trend this summer as well. With a little modern tinkering, these 50s fashion explosions have burst onto the scene again.

John Lennon-style shades are back as well. This minimalist design has caught the eye of many sunglass designers this summer. Lennon shades look great with anything from a swimsuit cover-up, to a breezy summer dress, without overpowering your face or concealing too much. These attributes help make this style one of the most versatile you will find.

For women who like to flirt with the borders of fashion and stand out from the crowd, there are some wonderfully edgy designs out this summer, too. Graduated color lenses and sharply angled frames will satisfy any girl who wants a more unique look this year.

Men’s 2011 Sunglasses Styles

Bright colors are not just for the ladies in summer 2011. Persol has launched a pair of strikingly dark red shades that are knocking socks off everywhere. Colored lenses are a huge deal in men’s sunglasses this summer. From blue to brown, olive to burnt orange, don’t be surprised when you find classic frames paired with tinted lenses to create some new looks. Crystal clear frames with bright lenses are coming out from multiple designers as well.

Monotone shades are another popular style this year. Matte metal frames with matching lenses are bringing a futuristic aura to the season. Even Tommy Hilfiger has come out with a set of stark black shades that are sleek and classy.

Tortoise shell frames are going to be highly popular this summer. For example, a new partnership between Lacoste and Marchon recently introduced a set of brilliant, yellow tortoiseshell sunglasses. Tom Ford also has a tortoise style; specifically, shades in dark tortoiseshell with tinted lenses and gold accents for the spring and summer line.

The John Lennon trend is a part of men’s fashion trends as well, offering a slick, iconic design for virtually anyone. Finally, Aviator sunglasses have become a widespread phenomenon in recent years, and now feature multiple lens colors, transitional lenses, and even camouflage frames!